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bash: /bin/cp: Argument list too long

bash: /bin/cp: Argument list too long

If you get the above message it means you have too many files to copy and cp doesn’t handle multiple files well.

The way of getting around these errors is to run your command in a loop:

for file in /from_directory/*; do cp -R "$file" /to_directory/; done

How to enable XMLP debugging in PeopleSoft

In Linux create a file named xdodebug.cfg and place it under [PS_HOME]\jre\lib

The file should include:


(Point to an appropriate temporary directory under the Linux box for your LogDir)

Reboot app server and clear cache.

Re-create your issue. The files that are created during the XDO logging are related XML, XSL, Translation(XLIFF) and Template files such as PDF,RTF) in the temporary directory you specified in LogDir

Remove xdodebug.cfg when finished replicating the issue.

Also see:
809487.1 – E-BI/XMLP:How to Run BI/XML Publisher Reports in Debug Mode/Turn ON logging