PeopleCode MessageBox to display messages

PeopleCode’s MessageBox can be used to display messages on the screen or in a log. It can be used for issuing warnings, indicating lack of information, or to see the value of certain variables while developing. If the code is running on a page, record or component, the message will be displayed on screen, but using it within a process such as an Application Engine, the message will be written in the log file.


MessageBox(style, title, catalog_message, number_message_catalog, default_text [,parameters] )

/*We indicate a catalog number and message number which does not exist to display the default message*/


/* If the message and catalog exist,the description defines for this message is shown*/
/* If the message doesn´t exist, the default message is displayed*/
MessageBox(0,””,30000,1,”Message could not be found”);

/* To display the value of a variable we can use the following statement*/
MessageBox(0,””,99999,99999,”variable1″ | &var1);