Viewing Locked Objects in Oracle 11g

-- view all currently locked objects:
SELECT username U_NAME, owner OBJ_OWNER,
object_name, object_type, s.osuser,
0, 'Not Blocking',
1, 'Blocking',
2, 'Global') STATUS,
0, 'None',
1, 'Null',
2, 'Row-S (SS)',
3, 'Row-X (SX)',
4, 'Share',
5, 'S/Row-X (SSX)',
6, 'Exclusive', TO_CHAR(lmode)
FROM gv$locked_object v, dba_objects d,
gv$lock l, gv$session s
WHERE v.object_id = d.object_id
AND (v.object_id = l.id1)
AND v.session_id = s.sid
ORDER BY username, session_id;

-- list objects that have been
-- locked for 60 seconds or more:
SELECT SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(w.session_id),1,5) WSID, p1.spid WPID,
SUBSTR(s1.username,1,12) "WAITING User",
SUBSTR(s1.osuser,1,8) "OS User",
SUBSTR(s1.program,1,20) "WAITING Program",
s1.client_info "WAITING Client",
SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(h.session_id),1,5) HSID, p2.spid HPID,
SUBSTR(s2.username,1,12) "HOLDING User",
SUBSTR(s2.osuser,1,8) "OS User",
SUBSTR(s2.program,1,20) "HOLDING Program",
s2.client_info "HOLDING Client",
o.object_name "HOLDING Object"
FROM gv$process p1, gv$process p2, gv$session s1,
gv$session s2, dba_locks w, dba_locks h, dba_objects o
WHERE w.last_convert > 60
AND h.mode_held != 'None'
AND h.mode_held != 'Null'
AND w.mode_requested != 'None'
AND s1.row_wait_obj# = o.object_id
AND w.lock_type(+) = h.lock_type
AND w.lock_id1(+) = h.lock_id1
AND w.lock_id2 (+) = h.lock_id2
AND w.session_id = s1.sid (+)
AND h.session_id = s2.sid (+)
AND s1.paddr = p1.addr (+)
AND s2.paddr = p2.addr (+)
ORDER BY w.last_convert DESC;