Automatic Backup of PeopleCode

A PeopleCode program is automatically saved to a file while you’re working on it. This checkpoint occurs at the following times:
• Every 10 keystrokes.
• On a save command, just prior to the save being executed (in case the save doesn’t actually execute because the code is invalid).
• When another PeopleCode program is selected to be edited (if you have two PeopleCode editor windows open at the same time, and you move from one to the other).

The file is saved to your temp directory (as specified in your environment), in a file with the following name:

PPCMMDDYY_HHMMSS.txt where MMDDYY represents the month, date and year, respectively, of the checkpoint, and HHMMSS represents the hour, minute and second, respectively.

The top of the checkpoint file contains the following information:

[PeopleCode Checkpoint File]


If your PeopleCode program is saved successfully, any checkpoint files associated with that program are automatically deleted.