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Enable SMTP trace in PeopleSoft

When you need to enable trace change this in your appserver configuration (psappserv.cfg) or batch server Configuration (psprcs.cfg)

;1 means enabled, 0 – Disabled.
This setting is dynamic and does not require reboot of the Server. Once turned on, it will generate Trace file SMTP.LOG in LOGS Folder under



PeopleSoft Application Engine Trace Options

Suggested trace example…


PeopleTools > Process Scheduler > Processes (Override Options – Parameter List)

1. Application Engine Trace File

Follow the steps listed below to generate an Application Engine trace file:
1. Go to PeopleTools – Process Scheduler – Processes
2. Open Process Name = -enter application engine name here-
3. Click on Override Options tab
4. Set Parameter List = Append
5. In Parameters field enter: -TRACE 391 -TOOLSTRACESQL 143 -TOOLSTRACEPC 1996
6. Save page

Sum up the options below to the level you desire.

Application Engine tracing:

1 Initiates the Application Engine Step trace
2 Initiates the Application Engine SQL trace
4 Trace dedicated Temp Table Allocation to AET file
128 Initiates the Statement Timings trace to file, which is similar to the COBOL timings trace to file
256 Initiates the PeopleCode Detail to the file for the Timings trace
1024 Initiates the Statement Timings trace, but, instead of writing to the trace file, this trace stores the results in the following tables: PS_BAT_TIMINGS_LOG and PS_BAT_TIMINGS_DTL
2048 Adding this value requests a database optimizer trace file
4096 Requests a database optimizer to be inserted in the Explain Plan Table of the current database
8192 This value sets a trace for Integration Broker transform programs

SQL tracing:

1 Trace SQL statements
2 Trace SQL statement variables
4 Trace SQL connect, disconnect, commit and rollback
8 Show fetched rows (indicates that it occurred, not data)
16 Show all other API calls except ssb
32 Set Select Buffers (identifies the attributes of columns to be selected).
64 Show database API specific calls
128 Show COBOL statement timings
256 Show Sybase bind information
512 Show Sybase fetch information
4096 Show manager information
8192 Show Mapcore information

PeopleCode tracing:

1 Trace instructions
2 List the program
4 Show assignments to variables
8 Show fetched values
16 Show stack
64 Trace start of programs
128 Trace external function calls
256 Trace internal function calls
512 Show parameter values
1024 Show function return values
2048 Trace each statement in program